By Gary Wade, Physicist Copyright 2008




The NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER GENERATES AT LEAST FOUR USEFUL PHENOMENA IN LIVING ANIMAL TISSUE. They are charge density waves, electric eddy currents, the pumping of lymph fluid by involuntary muscle contraction, and the conversion of fibroblast cells that are maintaining scar tissue or are soon to become scar tissue into embryonic looking cells that apparently can convert over into the cell type needed to convert the damaged tissue region into normal healthy tissue.


The charge density waves and the induced electric eddy current flowing in intracellular fluids can all be very anti-microbial and be used to help clean microbe and viral infections out of the body tissue. Infections must be cleaned out of damaged body tissue regions before true repair and healing can occur. Whether any particular infection will be curtailed by the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is problematical. The only way to know is to try it and see.


The flow of lymph fluid is vital for the health of normal tissue and repair of damaged body tissue. The fluid that enters the lymph vessels contains the unwanted waste products of cellular metabolism and various proteins and mineral and elemental ions that need to be transported back into the general blood supply. If the would-be lymph fluid is not removed from the body tissue in general, there is no efficient way for the blood plasma containing all the needed cell nutrients to easily and smoothly pass out of the blood flow capillaries into the body tissue where it is needed for general tissue maintenance and damaged tissue repair.


Many patients have suffered traumatic physical injuries that appear to slowly heal up, but there will remain problems in body part(s) usage/movement and quite often persistent or intermittent pain or discomfort will remain. The NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER in experimental use has shown the ability to often alleviate, relieve, and change this situation.


The business end of the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is a 16-turn coil of wire that has a 10.5 inch internal diameter and a preferred treatment side polarity that faces into the body during treatment. The preferred treatment side is the smooth side of the coil with no cable tie couplings sticking up and no red silicon spots. The smooth side of the coil has a magnetic south pole polarity during the first half cycle of the ringing magnetic field pulse. Wherever you have a trouble area in or on the patient's body you simply place the coil over it or around it for time lengths from approximately 5 to 15 minutes.


As a Diagnostic Tool - The high frequency (~70,000 cycles per second) ringing magnetic field that the coil produces can induce voltages across and currents through electrically conductive media or material. The scar tissue resultant from traumatic physical injuries has relatively large concentrations of an electrically conductive protein filament material called collagen. These collagen filaments form an overlapping intertwined mesh holding the scar tissue together. When this collagen rich scar tissue is exposed to the pulsed ringing magnetic field of the coil, electric currents are induced in and throughout the scar tissue. Nerve sensor fibers in this region sense this induced current flow and the patient experiences a sharp stabbing sort of sensation at the damaged site each time the coil rings. By slowly moving the coil over the entire patient's body surface most tissue damaged regions or areas can be easily located and then appropriately treated.


However, not all damaged sites can always be located this way, due to poor nervation in the damaged area or just nerve damage associated with an injury. A good example of this is with knee cartilage damage, where the patient often does not seem to feel much from the coil, but still can get good treatment results. Another situation occurs where the patient apparently feels the coil magnetic pulse strongly, but there is no apparent tissue damage or scar tissue. This occurs mainly in the head and face region of the body and in the sacrum region where there are dense nerve supplies. The outer tough jacket material that contains the nerve fibers of the facial head nerves and the nerves of the sacrum region are rich in that electrically conductive triple stranded protein collagen. The electric currents induced in this outer jacket leak into the interior and are picked up by the nerve fibers and involuntary muscle contraction is caused, along with that stabbing sensation.



Technical Overview - Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy


Many phenomena occur when animal tissue is exposed to rapidly changing magnetic fields. Which phenomenon is most observed depends on the strength, rate of change of, and duration of change of the magnetic field. For example, electrical eddy currents will be produced in the interstitial body fluids. As discussed below charge density waves can be expected to disrupt and destroy microbe functions. The electrical eddy currents, when they enter the range of 100 microamperes per square centimeter to 200,000 microamperes per square centimeter, begin to biologically deactivate all manner of viruses and microbes as discussed in U.S. Patent # 5,188,738. Another useful and interesting phenomenon that can be caused by a repeatedly pulsed magnetic field is dedifferentiation of fibroblast cells and some types of precursor endothelial cell types into embryonic looking cells. This dedifferentiation of fibroblast cells is very important for tissue regeneration and repair. Before we discuss tissue repair and regeneration any further, let us look at killing of infections in the tissue using charge density waves. It is well known that tissue repair cannot effectively occur until infection is under control. Whenever a patient suffers a traumatic physical injury there is both macroscopic and microscopic tissue damage. Viruses and bacteria that are normally in the blood flow now have new places in the damaged tissue to set up shop and develop into an infection region.


Charge Density Wave Therapy - Charge density waves are a moving compaction or rarefaction of the normal equilibrium ion density in an ionic medium. For example your body's blood plasma and interstitial fluids are a salt solution similar to ocean water. The blood plasma and interstitial fluids are full of all kinds of positive and negative ions (H+, Na+, K+, Cl-, Mg++, Ca++, HCO2-, OH-, etc.). By applying a rapidly changing electric field to the boundary layer of the salt solution, i.e. your dead skin layer or bone/flesh interface, etc., moving compaction and moving rarefaction waves (charge density waves) in the salt solution can be generated. In our case or situation the rapidly changing electric field at the body tissue interfaces is generated by the rapidly changing magnetic field from the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER treatment coil. These charge density waves can have rather strong electric fields associated with the interface between the moving charge density wave front and the undisturbed ionic medium through which the waves are propagating. The strength of these electric fields is determined by how fast the magnetic field polarity flip/reversal is completed and the overall magnitude of the magnetic field.  If the electric field is strong enough it can interact with protein molecules in the blood, in interstitial spaces, on virus surfaces, and on bacteria surfaces and rearrange their structures so they no longer perform their normal function. In general proteins in living systems are strings of amino acids that are folded up into specific configurations and are held in these configurations by cross-linking hydrogen bonds and short range Van der Waals forces. These hydrogen bonds are very weak chemical bonds. The proteins have various net positive and net negatively charged regions on them. The electric field of the moving charge density wave interacts with these net charge regions and puts forces on these protein molecules.


If the forces are high enough hydrogen bonds can be broken and the protein rearranges itself. In general the size, shape, and specific charge configuration of a specific protein is crucial to the proper functioning of that protein. As a charge density wave overcomes/passes over a virus the electric field of the charge density wave can rearrange the virus surface proteins responsible for attachment of the virus to the target cell. With these surface attachment proteins non-functional the virus cannot infect new cells. Similarly, when charge density waves pass over the surface of bacteria they can denature delicate bacteria surface proteins used by and often essential for the bacteria's ongoing proper functioning and continued existence. Also, and perhaps more importantly these electric fields associated with the charge density waves can rearrange or denature the protein toxins released by most bacteria, which are very disruptive to normal healthy cellular activities. Whether any particular microbial or viral infection will be curtailed by the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is problematical. The only way to know is to try it and see.


Lymph Fluid Pumping -  The coil on the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER has a high voltage oscillating discharge of current through it several times per second. The associated electric field generated in the tissue by each of these high voltage oscillating current discharges activates many of the motor axon fibers and the associated muscles go through a sharp involuntary contraction movement. This muscle contraction squeezes the lymph vessels that run through and around muscle tissue. Since the lymph vessels have one-way valves in them, the lymph fluid is pumped in only one direction during each muscle flex or contraction. This way the lymph fluid is removed from a damaged area or region, which allows waste products to be removed and new blood plasma derived fluid to enter the tissue carrying needed nutrients to the damaged region. This lymph removal process can bring down swelling in the damaged region and accelerate the healing process.


Tissue Repair After Infection Is Under Control - When a patient suffers severe/traumatic physical injury, i.e. tissue damage, fibroblast cells which are normally found in the fatty tissues and circulate in the blood, accumulate at the damaged tissue site to form an emergency tissue patch. If the damage is not to sever the injury will be nearly fully repaired with only minor scar tissue remaining in the area. The scar tissue is mainly made up of fibroblast cells that have laid down and are maintaining a tough collagen protein fiber matrix, which holds all the surrounding tissue together. When these fibroblast and/or endothelial cells are made to dedifferentiate by exposure to the appropriate pulsed magnetic field, while they are part of and are maintaining scar tissue or damaged tissue soon to become scar tissue, the result apparently is that some of the cells do not go back to being fibroblast and endothelial cells. Instead they become the type of cell that should be there at their location in the damaged tissue or on the scar tissue edge, if the damaged tissue or scar tissue were not there. By exposing the damaged tissue or scar tissue to repeated pulsed magnetic fields for approximately 5 to 15 minutes varying from twice a day several hours apart to once every other day for approximately one to several weeks much of the damaged tissue or scar tissue, judging from empirical field usage results, can apparently be repaired/removed and be replaced with normal healthy tissue.


The fibroblast and endothelial precursor cells are apparently made to go embryonic due to drastic changes in ionic concentrations in the cell cytoplasm and therefore the cell nucleus. These ionic concentrations react with the cell DNA and DNA coupling proteins apparently causing the opening up of some gene sets and the closing down of others. It is apparently the rapid onset of a strong pulsed electric field generated by the pulsed magnetic field which causes some cell ion gate types to either open and/or be set into their natural mechanical resonate vibration mode, which effectively makes the gates open and then they can be forced fed ions by the same oscillating electric field. Experiments that were conduced at the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases showed a relatively wide range of combinations of range of pulsed electric field rise times, pulsed electric field strengths, electric field pulse time widths, pulse rates, and total time of exposure to pulses that could produce the desired results of having fibroblast cells become embryonic looking and apparently embryonic like in their behavior.


The NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is recommended for experimental treatment on joint and cartilage damage, tendon damage, ligament damage, adhesions and muscle damage from surgery and traumatic accidents. It is also for experimental treatment of various kinds of infections. As well as working on human paitents, it is also recommended that veterinarians experiment with this technology, in particular on such large animals as dogs and horses that are often very difficult to work on by other methods for the problems mentioned above. (For this specific application, if you work with horses, dogs, etc., please see the HMP or Horse Magnetic with a slightly different design.)


If you have a pacemaker, or a Cochlear hearing implant, you cannot use the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER for fear of destroying their electrical circuits. Hearing aids can be removed and placed at least ten feet away from the treatment area. Also, all cell phones, land line phones, TV remotes, watches, and anything that might be damaged by an intense high voltage surge must be kept at least ten feet from the coil when the NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is in operation. Also, electrically conductive closed current paths such as chains and necklaces cannot be worn for fear of sparking between links.



The NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER is an experimental treatment device with no claims of any cures being made or implied. The only way you will know if the device will be helpful in any particular situation is to try it and see.